Gardening in the desert is different, BUT it doesn't have be hard... 

Learn how to create, grow, and maintain a beautiful outdoor space that thrives in a hot, dry climate with DESERT GARDENING 101


Are you tired of struggling to try and create a beautiful garden in the desert?

You've probably dreamed of having a lovely outdoor space with healthy, thriving plants where you can spend your time.

But...after adding new plants, only to watch them struggle, and even die, in the hot, dry desert climate. you are frustrated and overwhelmed.

Am I right?

Maybe this sounds familiar...

You are new to the desert and would like to have an attractive garden filled with colorful plants, but have no idea how start in such a challenging environment.

You have tried growing a number of different plants only to watch them die despite doing your best to care for them.

You are frustrated by paying a landscaper to care for your landscape as they don't seem to do much more than "mow, blow, and go" and they turn your flowering shrubs into balls, cupcakes, and squares.

Perhaps you are feeling frustrated at the lack of credible gardening information specific for the desert gardener.

In the midst of increasing drought and rising temperatures, your plants and landscape may not be adapted or suitable to handle these stressful conditions.

We need to create resilient gardens that can thrive in the desert while adding beauty to our outdoor space.

The good news is that this goal is attainable by choosing the right plants and maintaining them the 'right' way!

Pleasure to meet you!

Hi! I'm Noelle Johnson.

  • You may know me better as 'AZ Plant Lady', horticulturist, landscape consultant, and author of the book, Dry Climate Gardening.
  • I've built a successful career as a landscape consultant and instructor where I help people like you learn how to garden in a challenging climate.
  • But, I didn't always know how to garden in the desert - there is a long trail of dead plants in my past to prove it. I killed just about everything I planted. However, I knew that there had to be a way to learn how and I was determined to figure it out.
  • After learning my degree in horticulture and a 25+ year career, I have been helping desert dwellers learn how to be successful in creating their own landscape in a hot, dry climate.
  • Since then, I've worked with the Associated Press, the Desert Botanical Garden, Houzz, NPR, PBS, Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine, Tucson Botanical Gardens, and the folks at Water Use It Wisely.
  • All, to help people just like you garden in the desert.

IMAGINE if you could...

  • Have a beautiful landscape filled with color and texture that thrives in a hot, dry climate?
  • Know what plants will do best in the desert along with how to care for them?
  • Prune your trees and shrubs with confidence - no more 'balls', 'squares', or 'cupcake'-shaped shrubs!
  • Know how often to water your plants each season for your area?
  • Save time, frustration, and money in the desert landscape?

There is a way to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to create, grow, and maintain a beautiful outdoor space filled with plants that thrive in the desert...WITHOUT a lot of fuss.

What you need is Desert Gardening 101!

Desert Gardening 101 is my popular online (self-paced) course designed to take you by the hand and walk you (step-by-step) through the world of desert gardening.

It transforms you from a struggling desert gardener to an experienced, confident desert-dweller who is fully trained with all the best tips in how to create, grow, and maintain a beautiful landscape that thrives in our challenging climate.

You finish the course being able to know what plants do best in the desert, the 'right' way to prune, and water like you've been doing it your whole life.

AND no one will be able to steer you wrong because you will have the expertise you have learned and put into practice.

Most of all, you will learn how fun it is to garden in the desert while avoiding the most common mistakes that homeowners (and landscapers) make.

How Does It Work?

  • Work at your own pace:

All the course information is online and available 24/7 in a simple private login area.

  • Learn how you learn best:

The course is delivered in video format along with written resource downloads. So in other words, you can watch the videos and explore the resource guides to your way to desert garden success.

  • Review as often as you like:

All the materials are yours to keep. This means you can come back after stepping away for a while and it will all be there to refresh your memory.

Here is what you get in Desert Gardening 101:

Eight Pre-Recorded Video Training Modules worth $1087

Brand NEW Bonus worth $174!

Heat-Proof Plants for the Desert Garden

  • Summer 2020 was brutal with record-breaking temperatures
  • In this bonus guide, plants that have done well despite the extreme heat are listed
  • This is a very helpful resource to help your landscape thrive through the hot summer months
  • Plants will continue to be added to this evolving list

Yes, there are MORE bonuses worth $546!

Plant Lists

  • Curated lists of my favorite plants that I have grown and recommend for the desert garden.
  • Detailed information on each plant including bloom season, recommended exposure, and mature size.
  • How to maintain each plant, including pruning and fertilizing.
  • Recommended plant pairings so you know which plants to match them up with.
  • You will AVOID choosing the wrong plants and select the 'right' plants to suit your taste and style knowing they will do well in your garden!

Video Training - "The Pros and Cons of Buying Plants From Big Box Stores"

  • Ever wonder if you should buy plants at your local big box store?
  • In this training video, I show you that not all plants sold at big box stores do well in the desert climate. In fact, some they sell won't grow in the desert no matter what you do!
  • You will SAVE MONEY by learning when it is okay to buy plants there AND when you should head to your local nursery instead.

Here Is What People Are Saying About Desert Gardening 101

I have already saved time and money and the results in my landscape were immediate and evolving!

Desert Gardening 101 has really been a fantastic and fun experience. I went through each module and was immediately putting my newly acquired gardening know how into practice. I have already saved time and money and the results in my landscape were immediate and evolving.

It's been a real pleasure for me and I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to take the time to turn their little plot of dirt and sand in to their own personal desert garden oasis.


I am LOVING the Desert Gardening 101 class! !

As a frustrated gardener who buys plants only to see them die, I am learning what I have been doing wrong. The information is available to me for as long as the course exists, so I feel confident and excited that when I have a garden question , I will be able to go back and read what Noelle taught us in the class.

Thanks for all your excellent expertise in how you present the information. The pictures and videos help so much too.


Now I'm becoming the expert I was looking for! 

My recent move to the Phoenix area opened my eyes to the uniqueness, beauty and challenge of gardening in a climate so unlike my own in Minnesota. So I jumped on board with Desert Gardening 101, immersing myself in Noelle's wealth of knowledge and experience, giving me all the guidance I needed to take the plunge into my own Desert Garden.

Her online tutorials are beautifully organized and lovingly communicated, and will be available for me to refer to in the future.


At the end of the course, you will:

  • Know how often to water plants in each season and avoid common overwatering mistakes Walk into a nursery with confidence knowing what plants will do best in your garden and which ones won't
  • Know when to prune plants, and the right technique to use - no more 'balls'
  • Save time and money by stopping unnecessary maintenance in the form of over-pruning and over-watering
  • Be able to choose the right plants for each area in your garden, saving money and frustration
  • In short, you will have an attractive and healthy landscape that you will enjoy for years to come

Desert Gardening 101 is a self-study course so you can learn at your own pace.

The course materials are available to you for the lifetime of the course.

Here's More About What Students Are Saying

I just finished! It’s great! 

Love all of the very helpful information! You’re a great teacher! Everything here is a complete 180! I've killed more plants in the past 3 years in the past 3 years than I ever did in the many years I gardened in Milwaukee!

We are now in the process of fixing the problems in our landscape, thanks to the knowledge I'm gaining through DG 101. I still have more to learn but I'm making lots of progress!


Best class EVER for learning what you need know about gardening in the desert !

Best class EVER for learning what you need to know about gardening in this beautiful desert. I’m so glad I took it!! I’m now referring back to it as I’m getting ready for spring pruning.

Gardening here is so different from what I did back East and this class taught me that. Well worth the investment!


Thank you for offering DG 101!

I’ve learned so much in your course. I especially enjoyed your fun, relaxed, friendly delivery. As I garden, now that I’ve experienced your class, I hear your perky voice and see your smiling face guiding me through challenges that used to flummox me. 

The topping on the cake is that my adult sons are inviting me to share my gardening know-how with them, giving us a new way to spend time together. Thank you for all you do,


And there are more testimonials!



Desert Gardening 101 is geared for residents who live in USDA Planting Zones 8-10. These include the regions of the Coachella Valley, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and other low to mid-altitude desert regions.

The course is broken up into 8 Modules (42 video lessons) + 3 Value-Packed Bonuses

The videos are designed to teach in bite-size pieces (Most lessons run 12-15 min each).

All the modules and bonuses are available the moment you sign up so you can start immediately. (No waiting).

You can go through the lessons at your own pace - as slow (or quickly) as is convenient for you.

You will be able to implement what you learn right away and see the results!

Total Value: $1,807

Sign up today for 3 payments of $125 or a single payment of $347

Choose from one of the payment options below:

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How Does It Work?

  • What happens after I purchase?

You will instantly receive an email with your login instructions. This is how you will access the members area. When you login to the members area, you will find a welcome video and you can dive into all the modules and bonuses right away.

  • Do I get full access all at once?

Yes! The entire course and bonuses are available the moment you log in.

  • Can't I just take an in-person class?

Most gardening classes cover a single topic while this class covers everything from plant selection, placement, pruning , watering, design, and so much more!

In Desert Gardening 101 you can revisit any lesson at any time you like, unlike an in-person class.

The lessons build upon each other which streamlines the learning process. So, you learn a lot more in much less time.

  • How long do I have access to Desert Gardening 101?

You will have lifetime access to Desert Gardening 101 and any updates to the class at no additional cost. Pay once and enjoy it forever!

  • Is my credit card secure when I make the purchase?

Yes. All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure.

  • What if I'm not satisfied?

No problem. I am confident that Desert Gardening 101 is an incredible value so I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

So Let's Recap...Here's What You Get in Desert Gardening 101

  • Eight Pre-Recorded Video Modules - that take the mystery out of gardening in the desert by teaching you what you need to know about choosing plants, watering, pruning, and other plant care for a beautiful garden that thrives in the desert.
  • Heat-Proof Plants for the Desert Garden Bonus Guide - so you can be assured that the plants you select are able to handle intensely hot summers and record-breaking temperatures.
  • My Favorite Plant Lists Bonus Guide - you'll have my go-to trees, shrubs, groundcovers, vines, and succulents. The lists take away all the guesswork about what plants to choose, where to plant them, and how to care for them the right way.
  • The Pros and Cons of Buying Plants From Big Box Stores Bonus Guide - know when it's okay to purchase plants here and what plants you should steer clear from. Stop buyer's remorse and indecision when shopping at your favorite big box store and know where to shop for plants with confidence.

Let this be the beginning of your journey...

Here are additional testimonials from students of DG 101:

I'm now becoming the expert I was looking for! 

My recent move to the desert opened my eyes to the challenges of gardening in a climate so different. I asked a lot of questions, yet so many folks had little knowledge.

I jumped on board to take DG 101 immersing myself in the wealth of knowledge and experience from Noelle, giving me the guidance I needed to take the plunge into my desert garden. The course is beautifully organized and communicated.


I knew the course would be invaluable and it 100% has been!

I'm new to the desert and held off working on the landscaping because the climate varies so differently from where I'm from. There were so many options and I didn't know what was the right choice.

The information in the class on shrubs and the types of plants that thrive in our climate, watering, common mistakes, and design tips have been so empowering! As a board member, I've been able to help my HOA to help items they needed to take action on.


Thank you! I actually enjoy the outdoors again. Wow!

I love the work you are doing teaching our class. I was ready to give up a few months ago even though I love beautiful outdoor spaces. I was so frustrated with snakes and rabbits and mystery plant maladies...but that module was a turning point for me.

Now that I've gone through the class, my interest has returned because I know what will work. So, Noelle, thank you!


I loved the Desert Gardening 101 course! 

I've lived in Phoenix for over 20 years and have experimented with many plants during that time. It was always a "wait and see" experiment to see how they did. With all the knowledge I gained during this course, I now know what will and won't work and why. I learned more than I thought I would.


I have learned SO much!

I am a new resident of the desert and know little to nothing about gardening in the beautiful Sonoran desert.

I found AZ Plant Lady online and she has been wonderful! I signed up for Desert Gardening 101 and have learned so much. Highly recommend!


Well worth the cost of this course.

I have been an avid gardener in this harshest of climates for over 20 years. While I am an experienced gardener, I have learned new things within Desert Gardening 101. Well worth the modest cost of this course.


Total Value: $1,807

Sign up today for 3 payments of $125 or a single payment of $347

Choose from one of the payment options below: