Roses CAN grow in the desert!

Enjoy the beauty of roses in your own garden while learning which ones do best, and how to care for them the 'right' way in a hot, dry climate

Yes! I want roses in my garden

Have you ever thought you couldn't grow roses in the desert'?

I'm here to tell you that it isn't only possible, but that roses can flourish in our climate.

And, you know what else? Our hot, dry climate offers some advantages to roses.

So, if you want to try growing roses or know how to care for the ones you already have, I'm here to help!

Are your roses struggling?

  • While roses can be grown successfully in the desert climate, they do have particular needs to be successful.
  • If you've grown roses in a different climate, there are some things you need to do differently in the desert.
  • Some varieties of roses do well in the dry heat while some prefer cooler regions.
  • Location and providing the right amount of water are two key elements in enjoying a beautiful rose bush.

Pleasure to meet you!

Hi! I'm Noelle Johnson.

  • You may know me better as 'AZ Plant Lady', horticulturist, landscape consultant, and author of the book, Dry Climate Gardening.
  • I've built a successful career as a landscape consultant where I help people like you learn how to garden in a challenging climate.
  • My first love in the garden was growing roses. At one time, I had over 40 different varieties in my desert garden. I've grown roses in the desert for over 25 years and can't wait to help you!
  • As a horticulturist and author, I've worked with the Associated Press, Houzz, NPR, PBS, Phoenix Home & Garden, and RealSimple Magazine. My passion is to help people garden in the desert.

IMAGINE if you knew how...

  • To enjoy TWO long seasons of lovely roses every year
  • To prune your roses with confidence
  • Which roses do best in the desert and where they will do best in your garden
  • When and how to fertilize and water roses

You can experience the beauty of roses around your home!

Introducing my NEW Growing Roses in the Desert Garden class!

This is my brand-new class where I'll share my rose expertise as a horticulturist and fellow desert-dweller.

I'll guide you all the way from choosing the right location to plant, what are the best roses for the desert, how to prune, and care for your roses.

I also have three BONUS guides to help you along your rose garden journey.

Take the mystery out of growing roses in the desert today for only $37!

Enroll in Growing Roses in the Desert

All proceeds from the class go to Orchard Africa to provide for orphans and equip them for a healthy future.

How Does the Class Work?

  • Watch the class videos

This is an online pre-recorded video class with separate modules (chapters) where I guide you through rose growing and care. View all of the modules or just the ones that pertain to you.

  • Utilize the BONUS guides

Download the three BONUS guides, which include The Best Roses for the Desert, Monthly Maintenance Task List, and Mail-Order Nurseries for New Roses.

  • Review as often as you like

The class is available to you to watch and re-watch as often as you need to for the lifetime of the class.

Here is what you get in the Growing Roses in the Desert class:

8 Pre-Recorded Modules

  • I'll guide you to choosing the right space to plant roses and which ones to avoid.
  • Not sure what type of rose is best for you? I show you the different types so you can pick the right one.
  • I'm sharing my best planting tips, including how to prepare the 'perfect' hole. From bare root to nursery container roses, I've got you covered.
  • Pruning roses is a bit different in the desert, and you'll learn how and when to prune according to the seasons.
  • The class also covers rose care from insect pests, fertilizing, and watering for maximum success in the desert.

ENJOY the beauty of roses in your own desert garden by learning how to grow and care for them the right way in a hot, dry climate.

At the end of the class, you will:

  • Know the best places to plant roses for success, and the worst
  • What roses do best in a hot, dry climate
  • When and how to plant roses
  • How to prune in winter and late summer/early fall for maximum blooms
  • Know how to fertilize, water, and control insect pests

Loved the roses course! I have roses in my garden and this course is wonderfully helpful!!!

- Randee Carcano

Growing Roses in the Desert is geared toward desert-dwellers who live in low to mid-altitude desert regions. These include the Coachella Valley, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and the Colorado River Valley.

A garden filled with beautiful roses that thrive in the desert can be yours for only $37!

Begin Your Rose Journey Today!

All proceeds from the class go to Orchard Africa to provide for orphans and equip them for a healthy future.